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Mobile Packing Solutions


Frame and Container Type Mobile Baggers

Frame and Container Type Mobile Baggers

Shown is a mobile container system in an agricultural application. Product is fed into system via conveyor belt and is then weighed, packed and sealed in burlap bags, then conveyed and loaded onto truck.

Features and benefits
  • PUDA manufactures container systems that can house packing machines of various makes and sizes. This will enable packing equipment to be mobile and transported to different work sites. They are applicable in a wide variety of industries such as agriculture, chemical, construction and mining. Whenever the need for a particular packing solution is distributed across a wide area, containerized packing machines can help.

    We produce two kinds of containerized systems, a frame type and a container type. The type of system and the packing machines installed in each system will depend on buyer specifications. These mobile packing systems can be large, fitted with multiple filling stations, conveyors and bag sealers. The containers can be insulated and air conditioned, allowing it to operate in as low as 30 degrees Celsius environments. Please contact us to see how we can best build a solution for you.

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