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PUDA Horizontal Mixer 

The PUDA horizontal mixer has been proven in countless applications over the years as a high quality, reliable and efficient machine.

It is ideal for materials such as dry mortar, plaster, cement, adhesives, fillers, refractory materials, insulation, chemical products and feeds.

Reliable and Safe Operations

  • • Equipped with PLC controls system
  •  Automatic and manual modes
  •  Circuit breaker
  •  Emergency start/stop switch

Easy Maintenance

  •  Hinge observation door with quick snap lock
  •  Inspection door on side of machine is used for maintenance
  •  Easy to replace rotor and blade

Technical Specifications

  •  Filling Ratio: 50%-70%
  •  Discharging capacity:  ≥99%
  •  Mixing time per batch: 3-6 minutes
  •  Capacity: 500L, 1000L, 1500L, 2000L

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