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Batching and Weighing System

De-dusting and recycling system

  • Dust collector on top of silo
  • Central dust collector
  • Portable recycling machine

Lift equipment

  • Pneumatic conveyor
  • Big bag discharge system
  • Operator and goods lift

Storage system for raw material

  • Silo for main material and additives

Weighing and batching system

  • Main material weighing system
  • Pre-weigh system for additives
  • Light material weighing system
  • Mixer
  • Finished product silo

Packing System

  • Small bag, big bag and bulk bag packing system

Air supply system and piping

  • Air compressor
  • Drying and filtering equipment
  • Piping


  • Steel tower
  • Warehouse
  • Lighting system
  • Fire extinguishing system
Drying and screening equipment
  • Drum Type Dryer
  • Screening Machine

Feeding system

  • Gravity feeding stage has pneumatic
    and assistant valves
  • Mechanical feeding stage has auger
    and vibration feed

Central control

  • Standby power supply
  • Computer control console
  • Printer
  • PLC system
  • Weighing controller

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