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DCS-TWJL Series Auger Bagger (200-2000kg)
Heavy duty big bag filler capable of producing up to 15 bags/hour. The DCS-TWJL series auger feeder bulk bag filler is capable of handling a variety of semi free flowing and non free flowing products such as pellets, flakes, chunks, granules and other large particles.
Suitable Applications
Various industrial and mineral products.
Operating Principle
The DCS-TWJL series employ an auger feeder to ensure high precision and accuracy. The operator puts the opening of the filling bag on the discharging spout, hangs the loops onto the clamping device and then starts the packing machine. The clamp will automatically activate. Product enters into packing machine\\\'s buffer hopper, then processed through a VFD (variable frequency drive) controlled variable speed auger. The auger sends the product into the weighing hopper. A sensor measures the weight of the product and shuts off the auger once the target weight is reached. The flow of product changes from fast to slow as bag is filled, with dribble fill at the end. Then the weighing hopper discharges, and the product drop down through a transmission hopper and a spout into the bag. The control system loosens the bag and clamps. The filled bag can then be moved by forklift or belt/roller conveyor. The bulk bagger can be fitted with a vibrating bag platform. This will make the filling materials more compact and increase the capacity of the bag. The machine is ready for the next weighing cycle.
Features and benefits
    • Turn key operation, easy to use, features working state indicator, out of tolerance alarm, convertible to automated system for 24/7 production.
    • Convenient auto bag clamping and loosening.
    • Easy to read display screen displays real-time information, can be equipped  with multi-interface (like DA, RS485) to export data for analysis.
    • Low labour intensity, safe to operate.
    • Weighing instruments features keyboard, net weight function, dynamic check, auto zero track and accounting bags, packing weight statistic.
    • High quality components sourced from brand name manufacturers for easier maintenance.
    • Limited one year warranty standard.

    • Dust collection system
    • 316 stainless steel
    • Belt conveyor DCS-PD
    • Roller conveyor DCS-GD
    • Vibration Platform


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Model Specifications (DCS-TWJL for 200-2000kg bags)
Model Weighing
Fill rate Accuracy Power Weight Minimum
Electrical Compressed



Up to 15


± 0.3%





50/60 Hz